2024 Symposium – Social Fabric

CTANZ 2024 Symposium, Social Fabric
30 August – 1 September 2024

Just as fabrics are woven from individual threads into a cohesive whole, societies are composed of individuals who, through their interconnectedness, contribute to the strength, resilience, and diversity that define the very fabric of our existence. This metaphor encapsulates the essence of how societies function, how cultures are woven together, and how relationships interlace to create a collective tapestry of life. The symposium theme invites conversation around the material and metaphorical exploration of the concept Social Fabric.

The call for papers for the 2024 symposium has now closed. The response has been ‘huge’, and the team now has the challenge of selecting those that most strongly connect with the theme, to form a rich and engaging programme of speakers and discussions. Those who submitted can anticipate a response around the end of February.

Any questions or comments, please contact our team socialfabric2024@gmail.com

Ngā mihi,

Social Fabric, for CTANZ

Catherine Davies-Colley, Angela Rowe, Tracey Wedge, Cait McLennan Whyte