A final pre-symposium post for Suffrage Day

Suffrage_symbol_FWherever you were on 19 September, there was a Suffrage125 event to enjoy, and the celebrations are continuing around the country. Including, of course, in Dunedin this weekend, so two last posts about what’s on down here as well as the actual programme of speakers that’s the main business of symposium. Following this, a separate piece on Unbound: the exhibition, the opening for which is the first event of the symposium proper.

But first, a brief rundown on what you can expect on Saturday and Sunday at the Hub, Otago Polytechnic’s main communal space which is where we’ll be gathering between sessions.

  • A one-day pop-up shop for items made by design and visual art students

    Lou Rogers, Tearing Off the Bonds, “Modern Woman” column from The Judge, c 1912-13. Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Lou Rogers, Tearing Off the Bonds, “Modern Woman” column from The Judge, c 1912-13. Source: Wikimedia Commons

  • A Knit/Craft lounge for dropping into during the symposium – bring your portable BYO projects to work on or pick up or relearn a hands on skill like knitting, crochet or stitching. Share your skills or ask for help from other aficionados.
  • A Loom Room space, for those who haven’t been able to get down to North East Valley to see what Christine Keller and her students have been doing this week.
  • Unbound: Gathering Material, Angela Rowe’s project involving the “creation of a garment that may be viewed as an historical document, recording the symposium as an event. It may represent a physical ‘checking in’, a common practice on social media, while the finished object becomes a tangible document of this event, a collection of autographs or marks which may represent the only time this group of individuals are present together”. Other attendees are invited to add their signature or mark to pieces of the garment Angela is creating over the weekend.
  • Stitch Kitchen, founded in 2015 as a shared passion for working on a local solution to the global fashion waste problem, will be  running lunchtime workshops on Furoshiki wrapping and making Origami bags and bin liners to encourage you on your path to being plastic free.  The Stitch Kitchen area will include Pam McKinlay’s Tragic Plastic with an Armageddon Sunset (woven with the guidance of Vivien Dwyer), a participatory weaving project in Ōku Moana (My Oceans) in the International New Zealand Science Festival, 2018.






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