Call for Nominations to serve on the CTANZ Committee

The President and Committee of CTANZ would like to extend an invitation to members throughout New Zealand to express their interest in being part of the Committee.  
The aim is for a Committee that is initially more representative of those regions where our membership is based, and later of regions where we would like to expand our membership.
With communication tools such as Skype now readily available, the Committee need not be physically based in one city. Similar bodies in New Zealand and internationally have successfully adopted this form of Committee structure and perhaps it is time for us to look at it ourselves.
We would like to use the AGM as a forum to discuss and progress this idea.
In the event that it is approved we would like to be able to adopt new Committee members at the meeting to begin working toward the 2015-2016 year.
If you are unable to attend the AGM, please email through any thoughts on the proposed Committee structure which will be read and taken into consideration at the meeting. We would also be pleased to accept nominations (seconded) for the Committee by email before the meeting or in person (or by proxy) at the AGM which will be held in Dunedin from 5pm on Friday 24th April.
Regardless of whether a broader Committee is adopted, we would like to Co-opt members to assist with various aspects of the Committee’s work which may be addressed through Sub-committees. One area in particular which would benefit from a Sub-Committee is the production of Context, the Association’s publication. Again, if you can’t attend the meeting but have thoughts on this that you’d like aired and discussed at the AGM, please email them through to us.
Please email all points for discussion, items for the Agenda and nominations (seconded) to the President:

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