Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice – call for submissions

Janette Matthews, Editor of the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice, is inviting authors to contribute submissions  to the Journal. She (and lecturer in textiles, Faith Kane, also involved in the Journal) are based at Loughborough University, in the UK, and the Journal is published by Routledge.

Aims and Scope of the journal

The Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice aims to create a forum to facilitate, stimulate and disseminate research in the domain of textile design and practice.

Encompassing a range of approaches, disciplines and outcomes, the journal publishes submissions from the following areas: research through textile designing and making; research informed by textiles; and research for textile design education – encompassing pedagogic studies into the development of textile designers, practitioners and researchers.

Within these areas, the journal is interested in the following: interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches and the role of collaboration; relationships between traditional and contemporary practices; the application of new and traditional technologies and materials from both technical and aesthetic perspectives; sustainable textile practices, interfaces between research and industry; pedagogy for the education and continuing professional development of textile designers and practitioners; new research methods in the field with illustrative case studies; and the textile design process including the role of drawing and the significance of craft.


The Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice invites submissions in the following categories:

• academic research papers (approximately 5,000 – 8,000) words;

• practitioner interviews or studies (approximately 6,000) words;

• position papers and reports of research currently in progress (approximately 3,000 words);

• book and exhibition reviews (approximately 500 – 2,000 words).

In the first instance, please send abstracts (200 – 300 words) to Dr Faith Kane(  If your proposal fits within the scope of the journal, you will be invited to submit a full article which will be double blind peer reviewed.

The journal also welcomes proposals from Guest Editors for themed special issues.


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