Just under three weeks now to the symposium in case you were counting

On Friday, it was three weeks to go until the Ōamaru symposium. Time for the checklist: registration, getting there, accommodation, and, if you’re presenting, how close is your paper to being good to go. (No comment.) Another few things to think about follow.

To kick things off, the Waitaki Museum & Archive opened the CTANZ 21 exhibition that has been curated to mark the occasion of the organisation’s 21 years.

As intended, the list of contributors to the exhibition is a who’s who of CTANZ history. Some of our earliest members: Tracey Wedge, Margery, Blackman, Jane Malthus who have been joined along the way by Catherine Davies-Colley, Jo Torr, Angela Rowe, Victoria McIntosh, Jane Groufsky and some newer names like Caroline McQuarrie and Jackie Ryder, among others including local textile artists. The exhibition opened on 15 April and will be on show until the end of May.

Among the papers highlighted in the draft programme is a presentation by current co-presidents Natalie Smith and Stella Lange on the history of CTANZ. Alongside their research we’re working on digitising the archive of programmes and events, so if you have any photos that could contribute to this archive, please get in touch – we’re keen to share them at the event and afterwards on the website.

Finally, it has been drawn to the organising committee’s attention that there is a infrequent traditional ceremony taking place in London on the weekend of the symposium. If you’re not too republican to care, we may look to find a way to watch this event communally. Even if you are republican, as scholars (professional and other) of dress and tradition, we can at least pretend we’re only watching it to see who’s wearing what.

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