Kahu Ora / Living Cloaks at Te Papa, 8 June – 22 October 2012

Kahu Ora showcases the world’s largest collection of Māori cloaks – among the most precious taonga (treasures) to Māori and stunning in their artistry and diversity.

These are living cloaks. They carry powerful stories of their weavers and wearers. They are a continuing link between ancestors and descendants. They reveal great innovation – past and present.

This art of cloak-making is thriving again today. At the heart of the exhibition is the live Weavers’ Studio, where you can meet and watch expert weavers in action.

The latest research on Māori weaving underpins Kahu Ora. Learn about great weavers of the past and present. Explore moving stories associated with prestigious cloaks and their chiefly owners. Discover the science and technology that underpin their artistry. Meet the researchers who have helped uncover and revive cloak-making practices once thought to be lost.

Highlights include:

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