March talks at Toitu, Dunedin

Sunday 22 March, 2pm:  Fashion Flashback: The Fifties Revisited

Veteran fashion writer Cecilie Geary will read excerpts relating to the 1950s from her new book Being There: Memoirs of a Fashion and Beauty Writer 1956 – 2006. Cecilie will be joined by fashion historian Dr Jane Malthus for a conversation on key fashion trends of the period.

Thursday 26th Mar 2015, 5:30pm: Printing on silk

Dr. Brian McMullin of Monash University will discuss printing on surfaces other than paper, including vellum and cotton/linen but more particularly silk.

Dr McMullin’s talk will emphasise examples from NZ and Australia from the mid-nineteenth-early twentieth centuries, with a focus on silk in Dunedin and items from the Toitu collection.



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