Meeting the frockers

The NZ summer is traditionally a time when the television networks conspire to have us turning off the box by showing, with a few exceptions, lots of repeats of programmes we never really cared about the first time. You’d think it were deliberate. So many of us ignore the box over the break, which could mean missing out on a new offering this year about dresses. Specifically, wedding dresses. Meet the Frockers is running on TV1(so can be watched online for those of you who gave up on normal tv over the course of last year) at 8pm on Wednesdays.

Yes, it’s reality tv, based around big dresses for the big day, with brides who know what they want, but thankfully it’s not – so far – a local version of Bridezillas. That was trainwreck viewing, but this is both kinder and sterner stuff. Primarily about the frocks: the first episode centred on the somewhat nerve-wracking task of remodelling an expensive strapless gown to give it shoulder coverage, and letting out the sides of another, model-tiny, gown, to allow an only-slightly-less-tiny bride to breathe on the dancefloor. Technical conversations about the deconstruction and reconstruction of metres and metres of gorgeous fabrics make it serious business, but it’s not overly taxing and it looks like it’s all going to be positive outcomes, so a warm and fuzzy diversion so far.

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