Melbourne – traditional Japanese tsutsugaki workshop

The Australian Academy of Design, and the Japan Foundation, who have just staged the successful JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters exhibition at RMIT Gallery, Melbourne have invited enrolments for a professional development course on tsutsugaki yuzen.

RMIT Gallery is pleased to provide you with details of this workshop, to be given by Shumei Kobayashi, one of the few remaining practising masters to date of this traditional craft. He will teach one of Japan’s age-old techniques.

At the workshop, you will be able to learn about the 400 year old textile dyeing practice and the traditional methods of dyeing using natural elements.

Yuzen artists sketch various designs onto fabric using resist paste made of glutinous rice. The dyeing method is called Tsutsugaki Yuzen when the paste is applied to cotton or linen, or simply Yuzen when it is applied to silk. Tsutsugaki is the method used for items such as wrapping cloths

Shumei Kobayashi, who studied in Kanazawa, has given new life to Yuzen. He applies the boldness of Tsutsugaki on silk.

Invitations for enrolments are invited now.

Professional development course: 5 days, Saturday 16 April and Monday 18 April through to Thursday 21 April 2011. Tickets $400 per person. Places are strictly limited.

For details, visit

Enquiries, please call 61 3 9676 9000


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