More books about textile, adornments and dress

Vivien Caughley’s lovely book on historic samplers has received some nice coverage in two of the few places that cover arty publications. It was reviewed, in brief, but positively, in the Listener of 6 September (not online unless you’re a subscriber, unfortunately), and by Lisa Finucane on Radio NZ’s Nine to Noon on 2 September.

Another new publication (also from Vivien’s publisher,  Bateman Publishing) is Damian Skinner and Kevin Murray’s A History of Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand – another gorgeous stonker of a book about personal adornments.

Last but not least is the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s first e-book, Being There. Cecilie Geary’s memoir of 50 years in the fashion and beauty industry was released on 10 September with a comprehensive feature in the NZ Herald. It’s a delightful book to dip in and out of, with lots of illustrated and illustrative memories from the past five decades of New Zealand style.

.Being there


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