Mycelia:Mycelium, by Angela Carter at Window Space Gallery, Northtec


Mycelia:Myceliuim, 2017, Angela Carter, detail wide

Mycelia:Myceliuim, 2017, detail.

The hidden world of mycelia and mycelium – a large scale hand embroidery.

Full details and the press release are available on Angela’s blog.

On this work:

Mycelia:Mycelium is an examination of the relationship humans have with fungi, and with each other; a response to the scale of the current housing crisis, where people are forced to compete to rent damp, mouldy, unhealthy homes, and the most vulnerable people in our communities; children, elderly and those on lower incomes suffer the consequences.

This is the first time Mycelia:Mycelium has been shown publicly, and the first project that Angela has undertaken since moving to Whangarei in 2016.

With a diverse practice, connecting installation, theatre, performance and stitch, Angela graduated with a BFA from Whitecliffe College in 2005. She continues to expand her practice while studying biological organisms and social issues, she has a special interest in pursuing sustainable solutions for fashion design and working with young people.

Angela will be presenting an artist talk and facilitating a workshop for children at the gallery.

Mycelia:Myceliuim, 2017, Angela Carter, detail two

Mycelia:Myceliuim, 2017, detail.

Mycelia:Mycelium, opens Friday August 4 in the Window Space at the Geoff Wilson Gallery, Toi Te Pito Arts Precinct, Northtec, Gate 3, 51 Raumanga Valley Road, Whangarei.

Opening, 5.30 – 7pm Friday 4 August. Exhibition on until Thursday 7 September 2017

Gallery Hours, Wednesday: 10am – 6pm
Thursday-Friday: 10am – 4pm


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