Natural Fibre Innovation Exhibition and Forum

Natural Fibre Innovation is an exhibition that explores how natural fibres found in the South Pacific can be used in creative and innovative ways. It is an opportunity to showcase the potential that: coir (coconut fibres), banana fibres, pandanus palm, paper mulberry bark, bamboo and other plant-based natural fibres have as sustainable design materials.

We are looking for innovative submissions from designers working in the areas of: textiles, fashion, packaging design, interior architecture & design and industrial design.(We may be able to assist you in sourcing the fibres if required).

The exhibition is a component of the first annual Pacific Fibre Forum being held at Massey University – Wellington Campus on the 26th, 27th & 28th of January 2012.

The participants of this conference will include: government officials, business owners, representatives from educational and vocational institutions, farmers/plantation owners, representatives of NGOs, and other stakeholders from the Pacific Islands and around the world with an interest in natural fibres and economic development.

This is an excellent opportunity to share your design ideas with professionals who may be interested in working with you on design/economic development projects in the Pacific Islands.

For an entry form or more information please contact:

Jennifer Rosenthal, Regional Consultant at

Call for Entry

Important Dates:

Nov 25 Entry Forms Due

Dec 5 Notifications

Jan 19-20 Delivery of Work

Jan 23-25 Exhibition Set-Up

Jan 26 Opening & Evening Reception

Jan 26-28 Pacific Natural Fibre Forum


I like natural fibers very much.I am also working on MAYA LOOMS TEXTILES.This is also a weaving cottage industry in which we weave pure natural fibers in natural ways.we have four looms recently and four weavers were weaving special clothes every is our websites.People can send me an email in this address to see the product.

We have worked on using the Natural fibers to teach curriculum similiar to the Maori model of curriculum and also to make community arts workshops about Public Events Internationally employing arts as Educators and performers so send me details of your forum

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