New Book: Whatu Kākahu: Māori Cloaks

The Costume & Textile Association would like to offer congratulations to fellow members Margery Blackman, Dr Maureen Lander  and Dr Patricia Te Arapo Wallace. All three have contributed to Whatu Kākahu: Māori Cloaks, a lavishly illustrated book edited by Awhina Tamarapa and published by Te Papa Press.

Whatu Kakahu

This sumptuous book opens Te Papa’s storeroom doors to reveal its magnificent collection of kakahu (cloaks), and the art and traditions of weaving. With contributions from five expert authors, the book shows how weaving is steeped in the fundamental spiritual values of Māori. The first Māori settlers adapted their established weaving traditions to incorporate materials they encountered in their new home. Alongside practical items, they wove exceptional cloaks that bestowed great mana on wearer and weaver. The book focuses on forty precious and seldom-seen cloaks from Te Papa, and is packed with all-new photographs, diagrams, and insights from master weavers.

Price: $ 84.99

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  1. Thanks you for your kind words; it was a privilege to be associated with this book and with the fabulous photographs of Norm Heke which bring the works to life. PTW

  2. Kathryn Mercer says:

    I understand Te Papa is releasing a revised edition soon – 8 August 2019. Has anyone seen a pre-release copy and know how significantly different it will be? Thanks.

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