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Lou Rogers, Tearing Off the Bonds, “Modern Woman” column from The Judge, c 1912-13. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lou Rogers, Tearing Off the Bonds, “Modern Woman” column from The Judge, c 1912-13. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Registrations are now open for  September’s 2018 CTANZ symposium, Unbound: Liberating Women, in Dunedin, acknowledging Suffrage125 by celebrating the relationships between women, cloth and clothing. We’ll be making a few announcements between now and then, but for now, a reminder that the symposium features

  •  Nationally recognised keynote speakers
  • The usual range of passionate, informed and/or idiosyncratic papers presented by passionate, informed and/or idiosyncratic textile and dress aficionados
  • An accompanying exhibition, Unbound, opening on Friday 21 September, featuring responses to the work of Christine Webster’s Black Carnival series
  • In Otago Polytechnic’s The Hub, a venue that allows us to include a number of other activities and attractions to complement the symposium
  • An optional symposium dinner at New Zealand’s most famous Victorian castle. Which is partly on theme, with its nod to that significant Victorian-era development that was women’s suffrage, but mostly because Larnach Castle means delicious food in a stunning venue with spectacular views (and transport is included).

That will keep us all busy for the weekend, but we would be remiss in not recommending that you allow yourself some extra time because our local institutions are planning some great and relevant exhibitions around then. More to come on this too as they release their exhibition plans for the rest of the year. The symposium also coincides with the opening weekend of the Otago Arts Festival, which will include other on-theme events.

Some practicalities: between Wotif and Air BnB you should find a range of interesting accommodation options in Dunedin but to be within easy walking distance of Otago Polytechnic, look for north Dunedin locations.

Symposium 2018


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