Upcoming Show: Sole Desire @ Objectspace

New Exhibition @ Objectspace, Ponsonby, Auckland

Sole Desire 27 July – 21 September

The exhibition brings together a selection of shoes from 11 lenders and looks at the role shoes play in the lives of their owners. The diverse selection of footwear designs reflects the multitude of meanings shoes can have for us. From the rebellious statement of the lurid sneaker to the sculptural qualities of a Vivienne Westwood bondage boot, the shoes on display confirm that shoes are ultimately objects of our soul’s desire. In the exhibition you will see shoes made by Lobb, John Fluevog, Repetto, L D Tuttle, Minnie Cooper, Ferragamo, and more.

Public Programmes

Meet Viv Heslop, shoe enthusiast and owner of Unique Soles –  the only importer of John Fluevog shoes in New Zealand. Viv will give a talk about her relationship with Fluevogs and how a Fluevog shoe came to be named after her. 3 August, 11am.

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to receive a guided tour of the Minnie Cooper premises on Wednesday 11 September. More details to follow.

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