Update: Trans/national Clothing: Production and Consumption

Please find below some additional information on the Trans/national Clothing conference from one of the organisers, Dr Clare Rose.

‘We hope to attract researchers working on the history of ‘transnational’ garments – and their symbolism (kilts in England, for example) as well as on contemporary issues. The keynote speakers will be Alexandra Palmer, Hazel Clark, Karen Tranberg Hansen, and the journalist Lucy Siegle, and we are expecting delegates from across Europe and North America and some interesting side events including performance art. We welcome non-traditional presentations or interventions. Please contact Dr Clare Rose for further information.’


Trans/national Clothing: Production and Consumption

Bath Spa University, Bath, UK  Thursday 1st-Sunday 4th September 2011

A three-day conference, workshop and discussion group addressing issues in the production and consumption of transnational clothing in the WorldHeritage City, Bath.

Themes for discussion include, but are not limited to:

* Clothes produced in one country for consumers in another country (Top

Shop t-shirts)

* Clothes produced for local consumers but exported (retail, smuggling,


* Clothes that typify the culture of one country to consumers in another

country (African prints marketed to African-Americans)

* Clothes that, while produced locally, link the wearer to the culture of

another country (clothes made for colonialists in India; clothes worn by

British Muslims)

* Cultural fusion and bricolage (T-shirts with English slogans made for

Indian consumers)

* Appropriation of cultural symbols (Arab keffiyehs and Maori tattoos as

fashionable motifs)

* Regional and national fashions (Soviet fashion; Arabic fashion, Nordic

fashion, etc) and the significance of National Identity through dress.

Send submission of abstracts by July 1st and any further enquiries to Dr Jo Turney j.turney@bathspa.ac.uk or Dr Clare Rose clare@clarerosehistory.com

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